Handy CD Ripper Gives You the Power to Rip Audio CDs Quickly and Easily

Easy to use and powerful, Handy CD Ripper enables you to rip and backup your favorite audio and data CDs - effortlessly! - to your choice of other audio and data formats. It's quick and easy! Download and try it right now!

Handy CD Ripper - Main Window
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  Handy CD Ripper will help you:

    cd ripper  Extract(rip) music from Audio CDs onto your PC or iPod
    cd ripper  Backup your Audio and Data CDs and DVDs
    cd ripper  Create bootable images of CD/DVD Discs

    Download Handy CD Ripper
     Click to Download Handy CD Ripper (1.91 Mb)
    Supported platforms: Windows 98/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista
Cutting edge features make it exceptional
    cd ripper  Free compact disc database support (http://freedb.freedb.org)
    cd ripper  Automatic disc insertion and removal detection
    cd ripper  Support for various CD ripping speeds to help you rip old and scratched CDs.
    cd ripper  Customizable output file name - you name it!
    cd ripper  Support for ASPI layer
    cd ripper  Constant and variable bit rate for output audio files
    cd ripper  Full media tags support for an each audio format (mp3, aac, wma, ogg)
    cd ripper  Portable version of Handy CD Ripper.
    cd ripper  Multilanguage Interface with full Unicode support
Latest News! Handy CD Ripper version 2.5.5 Has Been Released
    cd ripper  Improved CD-TEXT support.
    cd ripper  Fixed few minor bugs.
    cd ripper  Updated language files.
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