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05.17.09 - Handy CD Ripper Version 2.5.5 Released
  • Improved CD-TEXT support.
  • Fixed few minor bugs.
  • Updated language files.
04.19.09 - Handy CD Ripper Version 2.5.3 Released
  • Improved Automated CD Ripping.
  • Fixed number of bugs.
  • Added new languages - Spanish, Swedish.
  • Improved error detection and reporting.
  • Updated language files.
10.12.08 - Handy CD Ripper Version 2.3.7 Released
  • Added CD-TEXT support.
  • Improved FreeDB Dialog.
  • Added new languages: Italian, Chinese Simplified.
  • Updated language files.
  • One output directory for all file types.
  • Fixed bug with toolbar on XP standard theme.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
08.03.08 - Handy CD Ripper Version 2.3.0 Released
  • Improved CD/DVD to ISO Ripping.
  • Fixed bug with id3/ogg media tags.
  • Improved User Interface.
  • Added new languages: German, Icelandic, Polish, Portuguese.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
04.23.08 - Handy CD Ripper Version 2.1.1 Released
  • Added support for a DVD discs. Now it's possible to convert DVD to ISO.
  • Improved automatic CD ripping options. Now you can rip music from all CD-ROMs sequentially.
  • Improved progress window. Added CD/DVD ripping speed indicator.
  • Improved user interface.
  • Minor bugs fixed.
03.18.08 - Handy CD Ripper Version 2.0.0 Released
  • Added support for CUE/BIN and ISO formats. Now you can create images of your data CDs!
  • Improved FreeDB options.
  • Improved Automated CD ripping options.
  • Optimised CD ripping engine. Now it should be faster.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs
02.04.08 - Handy CD Ripper Version 1.9.0 Released
  • Removed 7 tracks per CD limitation!
  • Improved Automated CD ripping options.
  • Fixed bug with mono encoding mode.
  • Improved FreeDB engine. Now Handy CD Ripper saves the disc information for future use.
  • Improved file naming options.
  • Added support for CD speeds. Now you can choose CD ripping speed!
01.05.08 - Handy CD Ripper Version 1.7.0 Released
  • Improved Disc Info Editor and CD Player. Now current CD track is highlighted.
  • Added Automated CD Ripping.
  • AAC Encoder was updated up to version 1.26.
  • Progress Dialog improved. Now you can hide main window during CD ripping.
  • Improved FreeDB Engine. Now you can choose TCP or HTTP to access FreeDB.
  • Improved CD ripping engine. It should be faster and more stable now.
12.07.07 - Handy CD Ripper Version 1.6.0 Released
  • Toolbar is modified. Now you can choose output folder easily.
  • Added multilanguage support. Translate Handy CD Ripper to your native language and get license for free!
  • Improved FreeDB engine.
  • Fixed some bugs in file management engine.
  • Other minor improvements and bugfixes.
10.31.07 - Handy CD Ripper Version 1.5.0 Released
  • Added CD-Player!
  • Improved CD-ripping dialog.
  • Added View menu. Main window is customizable now!
  • Fixed bug in FreeDB data parser.
  • Fixed bug in automatic disc insertion and removal detector.
  • Other minor improvements and bugfixes.
10.01.07 - Handy CD Ripper Version 1.3.1 Released
  • Added support for aac format
  • Improved Windows Vista compatibility
  • Minor bugs fixed
09.12.07 - Handy CD Ripper Version 1.1.7 Released
  • Added support for ogg vorbis format
  • Added free Internet CD database (FreeDB) support
  • Improved user interface
  • Minor bugs fixed
08.15.07 - Handy CD Ripper Version 1.0.0 Released
  • We released the first public version of our application
07.07.07 - The Project Started!
  • The project Handy CD Ripper started.
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